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Accelerated Recovery Without Opioid Risks: How New York Surgeon Andrew Wickline Reinvented the Joint Replacement Experience | Central New York (

This article is about raising the bar on total knee and hip replacements with game-changing protocols that minimize the need for pain medications while maximizing results.

The Right Way To Curb Opioid Abuse By Americans

I'm proud that my article on opioids in America was featured in the NY Daily News - 4th largest newspaper in the U.S. 

10 Total Joint ASC Physicians to Know

I’m proud to be a part of this list in Becker’s Healthcare.

Minimal Medication, Maximum Care at Genesee Orthopedics & Plastic Surgery Associates

I was featured in this article in Central New York’s MD News highlighting my study with opioids after joint replacement.

Dr. Wickline's Therapy-Free Knee Replacement Used in India

It's exciting to see techniques pioneered here in Utica, New York being used in other parts of the world. Here is Dr. Boyapati following our footsteps in India. Congrats doctor and continued good fortune and health to you and your family and your patients!

Doctors Shaking Hands

Dr. Andrew Wickline interview with The Ortho Show with Dr. Scott Sigman

Minimal Medication, Maximum Care at Genesee Orthopedics & Plastic Surgery Associates

My interview with MDNEWS!

Total Hip Replacement Can Be Safely Performed with Minimal Opioids for Pain Relief

This is my interview with that was published at With my comprehensive protocol, 97% of patients can have successful surgical recovery with little to no opioids being necessary to stay comfortable.

23-hour Total Hip Replacement Requiring Only 3.5 Opioid Pills Through 6 Weeks

My recently published article in the Journal of Orthopedic Experience and Innovation shows that 97% of Direct Anterior Approach Hip Replacement patients needed little to no opioid pain medication after surgery.

23-hour TKA in 10 Opioid Pills or Less Through 90 Days

My recently published article in the Journal of Orthopedic Experience and Innovation discusses how my rehab protocol dramatically reduces narcotic needs, formal physical therapy needs, and decreases length of stay following TKA.

MEND Regenerate featured in Wellness Magazine

My practice offers MEND Regenerate nutritional products for our patients to support muscle health, performance and well-being. Wellness Magazine recently featured MEND products in this article.

Orthopedic Surgeon to Know: Dr. Andrew Wickline of Genesee Orthopedics & Plastic Surgery Associates

A proponent and educator of the anterior approach, Dr. Wickline used the technique in February during a total hip replacement at the first annual Arthroplasty Conference in India. He is the volume leader in joint replacement in the state of New York.

Dr. Andrew Wickline Interviews with Mohawk Valley Health System

Streamed live at the Oneida County Sheriff's office, the group, along with Dr. Wickline, discusses the opioid crisis and how MVHS and the county are working to combat it.

Dr. Andrew Wickline on The Ortho Show with Dr. Scott Sigman

Is Physical Therapy Necessary After Total Knee Replacement?

In spite of the fact that total knee replacement is recognized as the most effective solution for patients with severe arthritis, according to Andrew Wickline, MD, patient dissatisfaction related to postoperative pain, stiffness and long difficult rehabilitation persist even with modern implant designs. Dr. Wickline joined a panel of joint replacement experts at a recent SwiftPath Symposium, where he questioned the traditional approach to knee replacement and the automatic reliance on arduous and painful physical therapy.

Inpatient Hospitalization, Short Term Rehabilitation, and Physical Therapy Are Not Required For Successful Total Knee Arthroplasty; A Pilot Study

As the aggregate cost of total knee arthroplasties (TKAs) is rapidly increasing, bundled payment plans are surfacing to control expenditures. Each variable in the episode of care therefore requires scrutiny. Our purpose is to show that TKAs, regardless of age, may be an outpatient procedure without formal postoperative therapy or rehabilitation.

Swiftpath Surgeon Andrew Wickline, MD, Live Streams Joint Replacement Surgery at Arthroplasty Conference in India

SwiftPath surgeon Andrew Wickline, MD, was invited to perform a total hip replacement using the SwiftPath Method at the first Annual Arthroplasty Conference in Hyderabad, India in February.

Doctors Shaking Hands

The beginning of the fellowship at St. Elizabeth Hospital Medical Center in Utica New York.
(Pictured L-R: Dr. Giridhar Boyapati, Dr. Andrew Wickline, Dr. Uday Myneni)