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Marc Gillespie

  • Two total knee replacements
After being a lifelong runner and marathon canoe racer-I was first diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 2014 and when simply walking became extremely painful in the simmer of 2020 I went to see Dr Wickline for the first time and we decided on replacing both knees-which I did on 2/5/2021 and 3/8/2021. Dr Wickline’s book-the SwiftPath Method coupled with his experience and confident approach enabled me to approach the first surgery with relatively little apprehension. I want to the Surgery center at. 5am, was prepped for surgery for an hour or so and then woke up at 10:15 and was served several cups of delicious coffee while I prepared for the 3 simple tasks I had to perform before going home. At 11 am I left the surgical center and my girlfriend Lisa drove me the 2 hours home to Rochester while I drank more coffee and caught up on my emails and texts. At home I descended the 22 steps to our Irondequoit Bay home unassisted and pain free and began the 2 week in home PT program, totally narcotic free and relatively pain free and returned 2 weeks later and passed my 2 week checkup. While there is no doubt that Dr. Wickline has above average surgical skills, it was the caring attitude of him and his wonderful team that separates him from the field. Everything he said would happen did so-just as outlined and recently my 72 yr old neighbor had his knees replaced 28 days apart and a friend of his just had his done by Dr Wickline. For me a few 2 hour drives to New Hartford were well worth a lifetime free of knee pain.

Kerry S Andrews

  • hip replacement right side
As a resident of Syracuse I'm familiar with a more local orthopedic group and had planned on using that facility. I friend from Utica insisted I use Dr. Wickline because her friends had all had very successful operations. What a find! From the very first contact with his office to the pre-op exam and finally the surgery and recovery. I'm 72 and suffered debilitating hip pain for a few years not wanting to suffer with the post op PT. I regret not doing it when the pain started. Dr. Wickline uses the Swiftpath Method of treatment. You know what's expected of you weeks before surgery, day of surgery, and every day for the following 2 weeks. It is then broken down by week and then into months. I was off a walker in 12 days, off may cane in a few weeks and one day you stop using it because you feel so good. Best part, immediately after surgery your hip pain is gone. Better, there is no pain taking it's place. Upstate NY has so much going for it, but Dr. Wickline is the best reason to be in upstate. I cannot say enough superlatives about him and his staff and his whole operations. Don't consider anywhere else. I don't give a damn where you live, Dr. Wickline is totally worth any travel.

Ted Z. Utica

  • Right knee total replacement
Best decision I ever made was to have knee replacement surgery on March 26th, 2021 by Dr. Wickline. I lived with bone-on-bone pain in my right knee for a couple of years. I tried Cortisone shots and gel shots into the joint and nothing worked to relieve my pain. 6 weeks today I had right total knee replacement and I could not be happier. Dr.Wickline is the best around, and has a fantastic bedside manner. He also has a great team who were there when I had a question, night, or day. I came home the same day of surgery, I walked same day, I did not go to therapy, and I did not take narcotics and no I was not in pain!! (thanks to the iovera injection that I took 3 weeks prior to the surgery). I followed his SwiftPath Method patient guide which is “spot on” with everything that I needed to know and do as each day passed after my surgery. Did my exercises at home, elevated and iced my leg hourly. Thank you, Dr. Wickline, for a good experience and BEST results. I will be setting up for another appointment to have my left knee replaced in 4 months.

Greg S.

  • Knee Replacement
Dr. Wickline is fantastic. I drove over 8 hours to have him do my total knee replacement in December 2020. Worth every mile! As others have testified, I had no complications, used no opioids for pain (only over the counter pain meds) and was walking with no aids in two days! I followed the Swiftpath recovery program closely and have had great results. I am so glad that I found Dr. Wickline. Theo whole process could not have been easier As a self pay patient. I have NEVER experienced this kind of treatment and communication from any healthcare provider. This is how medical care should be!

Jeannette B.

  • Knee Replacement
Dr. Wickline Recommendation I was referred to Dr. Wickline by several friends who are his patients. I was a little concerned for the distance, living about 1.5 hrs away. The staff was very accommodating with scheduling appointments, taking into consideration my travel times. They were also very good with communicating with my local providers for the pre-op work-ups. I found Dr. Wickline’s staff to be very professional and responsive to phone calls, emails and even texts, despite the distance. I am pleased with the SwiftPath program Dr. Wickline uses for total knee replacement. It prepared me for the surgery through diet and exercise, and really enhanced my overall recovery. I found Dr. Wickline to be extremely knowledgeable, approachable, responsive, and patient in addressing all my questions. I am now 12 weeks post-replacement and am very pleased with the outcome of the surgery and my overall progress. My PT friends are also impressed with my progress. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Wickline for anyone in need of a total knee replacement. Jeannette A. Barrett, PhD April 20, 2021

Cynthia Maracle

  • Anterior Total Hip Replacement

I had never had diseases or major surgeries. For decades, I had excellent insurance through my employers. When I lost my job in 2014, I lost my health insurance. Being tired of corporate life, I explored work taking care of elderly people in their homes. The job was personally rewarding, with limited health insurance, but it did not pay well, so after 2 years I switched to private elder care coordinated with a senior facility. This job pays better, but there’s no health insurance. I am married, and my husband is on Medicare. Together, we make too much to qualify for Affordable Care Act Insurance. What to do? A friend told me about an affordable alternative called Christian Healthcare Ministries (CHM), which I joined 3 years ago, hoping I would be okay until I became eligible for Medicare. After all, I was healthy. In 2019 my luck ran out as I began to have back and groin pain. I was fortunately able to lose weight, which stopped the back issues, but not the groin and pelvic pain which was worsening.

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Joe S. Utica NY

  • Right and left hip replacement
I can’t say enough great things about Dr Wickline. 11 yrs ago he did my right total hip replacement. March 18 2020 he did my left hip both were a complete success but the left was done with the new swift path method..... what a difference and I never took a pain pill !! I work as a landscaper and 2 weeks after surgery I was out working 4 hours a day. But my favorite story to tell about the Doc is after my 1st surgery I went for my 2 week checkup and Dr Wickline Could not be there, I met with his assistant. That night I received a call from Dr apologizing for missing my appointment because he had an emergency surgery and assured me he checked my xrays and all was well and he would be at my next follow up appointment. Like I said Great Dr and an even better man !! Thanks Doc.

JoAnn P.

  • Total Knee Replacement
Best decision I ever made was to have knee replacement surgery by Dr. Wickline. I lived with bone on bone pain in my right knee for years. I tried Cortisone shots and gel shots into the joint and nothing worked to relieve my pain. At 87 years young I felt it would be a waste of time to get a knee replacement, but I was so wrong. Dr. Wickline's swift path method to recovery is spot on. I followed the plan for exercising and icing and elevation as it was laid out. Yes there were some tough day's, but seeing it explained in my patient guide helped out. Wish I had made the decision to have the surgery years earlier. Thank you Dr. Wickline for a good experience and better results then I would of ever expected.


  • Left knee replacement
6 weeks today I had left total knee replacement and I couldn't be happier. Dr.Wickline being one of the best around of course I wanted to go there...what a great team he has,yes I came home same day of surgery,yes I walked same day,no I didn't go to therapy, no I didn't take narcotics and no I wasn't in pain!! I followed his book!!!Done my excersizes ,elevated and iced my leg 3 weeks I was walking on my own(no cane ) .Totally Amazing!!

Donna D.

  • total knee replacement BOTH knees
Dr Wickline did total knee replacement on my left knee March 2019 and right knee October 2019..I, unfortunately needed to go to Rehab because of, I believe, my other my medical issues. Regardless, I still was only in rehab for 10 days total ! Dr Wickline followed me and my progress while in hospital and at home. I followed his Swiftplan while in rehab and while home. That was instrumental in my speedy recovery! I am no longer severely knock-kneed , have great range of motion and am PAIN FREE!! I highly recommend Dr Wickline.

Lisa Esposito

  • Femur fracture
I was in a serious head on collision on January 4th 2020. I fractured my femur as well as a host of other injuries. I was 5 hours away from home and unfamiliar with any of the doctors and hospitals upstate. I was very luck to have Dr. Wickline as my surgeon. He was amazing and really put me at ease.. thank you!

Gertrude Corelli

  • Both knees replaced last year
Can I just say I love this man! My quality of life at almost 71 is so much better after having 1st knee replacement Jan. 30, 2019, and second done October 14, 2019. His method for recuperation is superb! I really feel great! Thank you so much Doc❤️ Gertrude (Cricket) Corelli

Sam G. in Pennsylvania

  • Therapy Free Total Knee
I live in Pennsylvania and was visiting my friend in upstate NY last summer. He saw me limp out of my car and told me all about Dr. Wickline and the SwiftPath method of knee replacement. In PA I was given a knee brace, pain pills and shots which did nothing for the pain. My friend gave me the phone number for Genesee Orthopedics. I phoned for an appointment. There I met the SwiftPath staff and Dr. Wickline, and set an appointment for knee replacement surgery. My wife and I drove the 4 hours the day before surgery to a hotel close to the hospital. Next day Dr. Wickline and his crew replaced my worn-out knee. I was up walking that afternoon and returned to the hotel for the night. Next morning Dr. Wickline visited me early in the morning before my wife drove me home. A week later I was driving. Fantastic experience. I am so happy I found Dr. Wickline and the staff at Genesee Orthopedic. I love my new knee!

Barbara M.

  • Therapy Free Total Knee
Therapy is so inconvenient. Home much easier.

Kathleen N.

  • Therapy Free Total Knee
I had 4 or 5 friends who had surgery around the same time using the other method (traditional therapy multiple times for 6 weeks). I recovered quicker than all of them.
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