Outpatient Hip & Knee Replacement

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Least amount of pain after total joint replacement!
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I offer outpatient hip and knee replacements for the majority of my patients. I have developed outpatient surgery protocols and programs to provide excellent care to patients in an outpatient setting, while also setting patients up for success when they return home.

I received fellowship training in adult reconstruction surgery from the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. I am the top joint replacement specialist in New York State. With over 17 years of experience in hip and knee replacements, I have continually sought to improve the recovery process and long-term outcomes for his patients.

"My outpatient surgery protocols have allowed 80% of my patients to return home the day of surgery and with few complications. My hospital has the lowest complication rate of 1.6%, and my program has the lowest complication rate in the entire state of New York."

Benefits of Outpatient Hip & Knee Replacement

There are several potential benefits to having your hip or knee replacement done in an outpatient setting. Most patients would prefer to recover in the comfort of their own homes, rather than in a hospital. The right outpatient surgery plan makes that possible for the majority of patients.

Benefits of outpatient hip and knee replacement with Dr. Wickline include:

  • Decreased infection and complication risks - Outpatient joint replacements require greater attention to detail and planning since patients will be recovering outside of a hospital setting. This can help to reduce the risk of complications.
  • Lower surgical copays - In many cases, patients have lower copays for outpatient joint replacement surgery compared to inpatient surgery. Check with your insurance company to see if you can save money.
  • Better education before surgery - Though I ensure that all of my patients are well-educated on their recovery plan, I put special emphasis on creating detailed recovery plans for outpatient joint replacements so that patients know exactly what they need to do.
  • Enhanced recovery - A detailed recovery plan also reduces patients’ anxiety about the procedure. Recovery plans are also designed to reduce pain in the recovery period.

Candidates for Outpatient Hip & Knee Replacement

The majority of my hip and knee replacement patients are candidates for outpatient surgery, with 99% of my patients returning home either the same day or the morning after surgery. However, I carefully consider each patient’s individual needs before recommending outpatient surgery.

Some procedures will require an overnight hospital stay. Patients may not be eligible for an outpatient hip or knee replacement if they:

  • Are a more complex case
  • Need a revision hip or knee replacement
  • Have multiple medical issues

What to Expect with Outpatient Hip & Knee Replacement

While a surgery and recovery plan are important for every hip and knee replacement procedure, it is especially important for outpatient hip and knee replacements because patients are recovering while at home. It is important for patients to be well-educated and understand what is required of them to achieve the best possible results in recovery.

Outpatient Facilities

I work at APEX Surgical Center in Westmoreland, NY, which is located off Exit 32 of Interstate 90. I am able to perform some outpatient hip and knee replacements at this facility, which currently accepts only MVP Health Care, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Cigna insurance plans.

I perform the majority of outpatient hip and knee replacements at St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Utica, NY. My outpatient surgery program currently has the lowest complication rate in the state of New York.

“I had anterior total hip replacement surgery in the Apex Surgery Center. In my opinion, it was better than going to a hospital. The surgical staff was wonderful. I entered at 6:30 am, went into surgery at 8:00, out at 8:30 and was up using a walker and trying stairs at 11:30. Dr. Wickline checked on me, then I left for home!” - Read Cynthia's story »

Individualized Recovery Plans

I believe that patients need a clear recovery plan in place to achieve the best outcomes. Complications decrease when each patient has an individualized roadmap for recovery, participates in shared decision making, and engages in their own recovery. My education platform and recovery plans set patients up for success in recovery.

My recovery plans for outpatient hip and knee replacements focus on controlling swelling, using non-narcotic methods to help with pain and discomfort, and setting milestones for patients to progress. I utilize special nerve blocks with non-narcotic numbing medication and advanced approaches and technology to make it easier to recovery at home.

My outpatient recovery plans also include a non-aggressive approach to postoperative exercises. This approach helps to limit pain and swelling, making recovery easier on the patient.

Outpatient Hip & Knee Replacement in Upstate New York

Dr. Wickline has over 17 years of experience in hip and knee replacements and is the top joint replacement specialist in New York State. He has developed proven protocols for outpatient hip and knee replacements that enable more patients to recover in the comfort of their own homes, while reducing complication rates and setting patients up for success. If you would like a consultation with Dr. Wickline, please call our office at 315-738-5069 or request an appointment online.