iovera° Treatment

Stopping pain... COLD… a treatment for knee arthritis

Pave the Way for Your Knee Surgery Recovery: A pre-surgical treatment to manage post-surgical pain WITHOUT narcotics

Whether it is walking up stairs, driving a car or playing your next round of golf, the iovera° treatment can help you get back into the swing of things. We are currently seeing approximately 85% of patients seeing significant, immediate improvement of knee arthritis pain which can last for 4-5 months and for some patients as long as 6-7 months.

Is pain in your knees preventing you from doing what you love? The iovera° system is FDA cleared to block pain and MEDICARE-approved, so you can get moving again.

Surgery may be in your future, but a painful recovery doesn’t have to be. Ask us about iovera° treatment. Our office is committed to providing joint replacement with little or NO NARCOTICS.

The iovera° treatment:

  • Uses the body’s natural response to cold
  • Does not rely on drugs or pharmaceuticals
  • Is a patented, FDA cleared technology

With over 20,000 patients treated to date, iovera° represents a widely growing option for physicians to manage their patients’ pain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the iovera° treatment work? The iovera° treatment blocks targeted sensory nerves from sending pain signals. Using a small probe (also referred to as Smart Tip) a precise cold zone is formed under the skin – cold enough to temporarily stop the nerve from signaling. This is repeated until the nerve is blocked, providing pain relief until the nerve regenerates.

What kind of results can I expect? The iovera° treatment is very precise. When cold is applied to the target nerve, it will immediately interrupt that nerve’s ability to signal. You will feel the results immediately after treatment. The duration and degree of pain relief is dependent on each patient’s unique condition. We will discuss your specific case with you.

Are there any side effects? Common side effects include local pain or tenderness, swelling, bruising and tingling or numbness. Typically, these reactions resolve with no physician intervention.

How long do results last? The treatment effect is immediate and lasts until the nerve has fully regenerated. Treatment results may vary by individual and the location of treatment. In general, nerves regenerate at a predictable rate of approximately 1-2mm per day.

If my pain is blocked by iovera° treatment, why do I still need surgery? The iovera° treatment effect is temporary. It does not change the underlying condition for which your physician has recommended surgery. However, iovera° treatment prior to surgery can help improve pain scores, function and range of motion.

Mechanism of Action (How Does it Work?)

Patient Testimonials

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Iovera° Treatment in Upstate New York

Dr. Wickline has over 17 years of experience in knee replacement surgery and has pioneered techniques to make the recovery process much easier on patients, including offering treatments like iovera°. If you would like a consultation with Dr. Wickline or would like to learn more about how iovera° can help with your recovery process, please call his office at 315-738-5069 or request an appointment online.

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