With over 17 years of experience doing hip and knee replacements, I’m currently the top joint replacement specialist in the state of New York. I use computer navigation, muscle-sparing techniques, and narcotic-free surgery, and always seek to provide the best possible outcomes for my patients.

I have developed several different protocols and approaches to reduce pain, reduce narcotic use, and improve the rehab process for patients needing hip and knee replacements. In many cases, these plans help patients reduce or even eliminate the need for narcotic pain medications in the recovery period. I develop a personalized care and recovery plan for each patient to meet their individual needs.

You can learn more about our specialties in the topics below. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call our office at 315-738-5069 or request an appointment online.

Anterior Hip Replacement

Anterior hip replacements offer many benefits over traditional hip replacement approaches, including less pain and a quicker recovery. In most cases, anterior hip replacements are done on an outpatient basis, allowing patients to return home the day of surgery. This approach often helps patients reduce the need for narcotic pain medications after hip replacement surgery, and most patients do not need formal physical therapy.

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Total Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement can be a very effective option for patients with knee arthritis that interferes with mobility. I use computer navigation for total knee replacements and also do tourniquet-free knee replacements for almost every patient when possible. These techniques help to improve outcomes for patients and often lead to a quicker recovery, combined with the therapy-free approach to total knee replacement.

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Outpatient Hip & Knee Replacement

I offer outpatient hip and knee replacements to the majority of patients. Outpatient surgery allows patients to recover from hip and knee replacements in the comfort of their own homes. By doing hip and knee replacements in an outpatient setting, patients often have a more detailed recovery plan, decreased complication risks, and lower surgical copays. In 99% of cases, patients are able to return home the day of surgery or the following morning.

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Therapy-Free Total Knee Replacement

I have developed a new rehab approach for total knee replacements called the Therapy-Free Total Knee Replacement. This approach allows patients to avoid the traditional, aggressive therapy regimen that has been in place for decades. Therapy-Free protocols have led to an easier recovery, cost savings, less pain, and quicker recovery compared to traditional rehab approaches for total knee replacements. The majority of patients need no formal physical therapy when using the Therapy-Free method but can achieve results equal to or better than that of a traditional total knee replacement.

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iovera° Treatment

iovera° is a pre-surgical treatment that Dr. Wickline administers to patients before knee replacement surgery to help manage post-surgical pain without narcotic pain medications. iovera° treatments involve using a small probe to precisely apply cold to the targeted sensory nerves, which stops the nerves from sending pain signals. Pain relief lasts until the nerve regenerates, which can take 4-7 months. When Dr. Wickline administers this treatment prior to a patient's knee replacement surgery, patients continue to experience pain relief in recovery, eliminating the need for narcotics.

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