Swiftpath Patient Recovery

After surgery, we ask each patient to document their recovery process each day in the Swiftpath booklet. At the end of 6 weeks, we collect the booklets. Here are comments from some of my recent patients who went through the Swiftpath recovery process following total knee replacement and total hip replacement. It includes the best part of each day, the worst part of each day and general comments about their recovery by day.

Knee Replacement

Best part – people being amazed (female patient, age 75)

Expecting too much of myself, especially knee straightening. They were the hardest for me (female patient, age 56)

Less pain than before surgery (male patient, age 71)

Worst part – early evening some swelling and stiffness (male patient, age 70)

Worst part – learning to walk and out pressure on the replaced knee (female patient, age 74)

Glad I am home to recover. Surgery is behind me (female patient, age 78)

Pain block is working – no real pain – exercises seem easier after 2nd set in am (female patient, age 73)

Best part – completing the checklist (female patient, age 56)

Worst part – heel hangs (male patient, age 59)

Best part – took shower (female patient, age 52)

Tough to get to sleep and stay asleep (female patient, age 65)

Using walker 100% not for support just for security (female patient, age 73)

Best part – no ace bandage (male patient, age 64)

Worst part – morning and the knee bend exercises (female patient, age 65)

Ankle swelling leg still heavy (female patient, age 52)

Best part – all day – little pain & swelling is getting better and better (male patient, age 73)

Rough night sleeping, woke up late (male patient, age 59)

Best part - used cane more than walker! (female patient, age 58)

Best part – not any good part of day (female patient, age 73)

Worst part – late evening SORENESS! (male patient, age 67)

Leg feels like a telephone pole (female patient, age 78)

I feel a little weak today but I am continuing my schedule. I am finding it hard to bend my knee but the hardest for me is the heel hangs (female patient, age 72)

Worst part – leg was sore and stiffer during the day (female patient, age 66)

Worst part – night was uncomfortable, heavy feeling inside the knee (female patient, age 73)

Best part – walking with cane and going on the deck for my walk (female patient, age 67)

Best part – the improvement throughout the day (female patient, age 58)

I started using my cane instead of a walker. I feel great and actually cooked breakfast this morning. Still not crazy about the exercises but doing them daily (female patient, age 72)

Stiff when I wake up, then better within an hour (female patient, age 65)

Need to be more alert on walking (female patient, age 56)

Not an enjoyable day with intense swelling (male patient, age 67)

Worst part – a bit more sore than yesterday (female patient, age 61)

Worst part – swelling would not go down! (male patient, age 65)

Today is the evening when my leg was more painful while at rest (female patient, age 66)

Sleeping in the recliner/couch, bed too high (female patient, age 56)

Returned to bed, now that I can do stairs (male patient, age 73)

Worst part – not feeling confident enough to use the cane yet (female patient, age 61)

Worst part – I still have major swelling in my leg (female patient, age 74)

Best part – a bit more active and mobile (female patient, age 58)

Worst part – first this in the morning. Stiff and sore, especially am heel hangs! (female patient, age 58)

What has been helpful in your recovery process and why? I put an icepack under the knee and on top of the knee every hour. (female patient, age 58)

I’ve been walking twice as much for 2 days. Today though has gotten hard with knee pain (female patient, age 64)

Best part – black and blue starting to fade. (female patient, age 78)

Drove today no issues (male patient, age 67, left knee)

Best part of the day – Helping in the kitchen! (female patient, age 58)

Best part – waking up after a good night's sleep (female patient, ag e 66)

Worst part – Middle of the night- leg was burning/pain (female patient, age 66)

Worst part – knee straightening (male patient, age 71)

Worst part – feeling like it’s never going to end. (female patient, age 74)

Worst part – boredom (male patient, age 57)

I was able to sleep in my own bed (female patient, age 58)

Best part – started using a cane (female patient, age 61)

Best part – I enjoyed walking and stretching (female patient, age 75)

Feeling like I could accomplish something on my own (female patient, age 58)

No issues just couldn’t get motivated today (male patient, age 59)

Worst part – lack of sleep, tiredness (male patient, age 78)

I did some cooking today and standing at the stove increases the pain. I just went back to my ice and elevation (female patient, age 72)

Started driving today (male patient, age 68, right knee)

Best part – up and moving! Using only a cane all day! (female patient, age 61)

Very little sleep. Knee is very stiff and sore (female patient, age 59)

Best part – I did not have one today. I think I did too much yesterday.

Worst part – getting out of bed first thing in the morning (female patient, age 78)

Best part – good sleep for 5 hours (male patient, age 78)

Did not elevate enough today (female patient, age 66)

Best part – started trying cane with help (female patient, age 56)

Doing some stairs today. Making good progress I think (female patient, age 72)

Worst part – I tire easily. Leg gets sore from walking (female patient, age 56)

Best part- getting around better and more productive (female patient, age 58)

What would make it better? If the stiffness would go away (female patient, age 56)

Stiffness on first movement continues (female patient, age 64)

100% using nothing. No cane or walker (female patient, age 64)

I am icing, but for shorter periods of time. If I ice too long it actually stiffens me up (female patient, age 58)

Started driving today (female patient, age 65, right knee)

Increased walking quite a lot today, so I felt more swollen and stiff. Will reduce walking. (female patient, age 73)

Brought my cane to my appointment but did not need it (female patient, age 78)

Very slowly getting in and out of car, no thought of returning back to work (male patient, age 67)

Walked up the driveway to get the newspaper (female patient, age 72)

Still sleeping in recliner, bed not comfortable (female patient, age 56)

Returned to work (at home) today. Swelling when sitting at a desk too long. (male patient, age 57)

Drove today (female patient, age 58, left knee)

Just would like a nights’ sleep. May try going back to the couch tonight. Sleepless night. Even with ice, elevation and side with pillows (female patient, age 73)

I don’t feel comfortable driving yet (female patient, age 61, right knee)

Are you thinking of driving? Maybe in a week due to good progress (right knee)

How much are you icing (3xdays 20 min each) (male patient, age 59)

I have a hard time letting little things go. Laundry, dishes, etc. I keep telling myself to accept help, it's ok. (female patient, age 56)

I did use Salonpas, they do work well for the discomfort on inside of my knee.

Sleep is getting better. Still having knee nerve pain and spasms. But not as bad. (female patient, age 67)

I did very well with this surgery. Did not have the pain I thought I would. Loved this book (female patient, age 65)

Mowing lawn on riding lawnmower. Still icing and elevating 6x/day (male patient, age 73)

Disappointing I can’t do much around the house to help (male patient, age 67)

Able to go up and down 15 steps to bedroom. (female patient, age 72)

Trouble sleeping with pain in the middle of the night. Walking better and doing steps (male patient, age 46)

Stairs are getting easier, strength and flexibility are improving daily (male patient, age 70)

Went to the gym did arm workout (female patient, age 52)

Walked to the mailbox, got to walk around outside (female patient, age 67)

What day were you able to get into bed? The 15th day. It was sore but I did it slowly. (female patient, age 72)

When I do my knee bends, the first on is tight and by #10 I get a better bend. Then when I start my next set of exercise, the first one is always harder to do then it gets easier (female patient, age 72)

My husband is catching on that I can do stuff on my own. It was nice while it lasted (female patient, age 72)

Not ready for work (female patient, age 56)

Still sleeping in recliner (male patient, age 57)

Drove today (female patient, age 56, left knee)

Any concerns of going back to work? – first 2 weeks, pain and rehab schedule make even work from home impossible (male patient, age 57)

Day #24 - I’ve been grocery shopping, no issues. Getting anxious to finish rehab but continue to stick to the plan. Walking at least 4 times a day (male patient, age 70)

Day #24 - What activity causes discomfort – “Standing over 10 minutes.”

Day #24 - Still need the basic exercises, ice, and rest (male patient, age 65)

Day #24 - Icing 8x daily and sometimes at night (female patient, age 73)

Sleep remains an issue (male patient, age 57)

Day #28 - What activity causes discomfort? Standing for a long period. I just sit and ice when my knee feels sore (female patient, age 72)

Day #28 - Mentally not ready to drive (female patient, age 78, right knee)

Day #28 - Too much walking 11,700 steps

Just getting anxious to return to normal activities. I know it's only been 4 weeks and healing takes time. Returned to gym, more social. Doing stretching added a couple more, bike 10 minutes, no resistance. (male patient, age 70)

I keep my activities short and increase them a little more every day. When I am tired, I rest. I use ice often (female patient, age 72)

I notice how I feel a little better every day (female patient, age 72)

Stressing exercises on a daily basis along with consistency has helped me a great deal (male patient, age 54)

You are right on this Dr Wickline. Will it ever get better? My coach is putting up with me and continues to encourage me. “IT will get better with time” (female patient, age 78)

Very sore in am, stiff. Hoping it gets better with time (female patient, age 56)

Have you “over done it yet?” sitting for more than 45 minutes without elevating it. Walking is no problem.

What concerns? Finding a comfortable way to position my leg while lying in bed (female patient, age 78)

What activity caused discomfort? Walking a long distance (female patient, age 66)

So easy to do too much! (male patient, age 46)

I received the video and watched it several times. Could relate to Dr Wickline’s comments and was greatly encouraged. Well done. Found out that what I am going through is normal (female patient, age 78)

I was all bent over and in constant pain. Every day I work on standing straight again and walking more. I have a lot to live for (female patient, age 72)

Suggestions: the hourly exercises and icing with elevation are a must!

Hip Replacement

Worst part – pain getting in and out of bed (female patient, age 62)

Worst part – pain increases towards evening (male patient, age 70)

Pain wasn’t too bad. My leg just feels heavy (female patient, age 81)

Surprised how good I felt in the morning (female patient, age 64)

Pain from before surgery is gone! (female patient, age 74)

Best part – resting and ice (female patient, age 61)

Best part- feeling better than yesterday (male patient, age 62)

Developed stiffness in the leg from sitting in kitchen chair (male patient, age 70)

Very hard to get around in the afternoon (female patient, age 81)

Taking it slow, rest and ice (male patient, age 62)

Best part – able to move faster (male patient, age 69)

Best part – feeling much stronger and more stable (male patient, age 70)

Worst part – wake up with slight pain in hip, but icing clears it up in 1-2 hours (male patient, age 70)

Tries cane for 20 steps – that’s a no, not ready (female patient, age 57)

Worst part – overdid walking because I felt good (really good) today. (female patient, age 57)

Best night sleep I had so far. Slept in bed for the first time (male patient, age 70)

Pain is different when sitting or walking (male patient, age 66)

Best part – feeling better about leg movement (female patient, age 61)

Stiffness In the morning, swelling is subsiding (male patient, age 65)

Any issues? Balance and knee pain. First step is the worst (male patient, age 66)

Able to get around much better (female patient, age 81)

Best part – doing stairs and moving to a cane (male patient, age 59)

I have a lot of swelling, using ice (male patient, age 62)

Worst part – bad night sleep last night (male patient, age 69)

Worst part – leg tight helps to bend knee and stretch (female patient, age 61)

Best part – pretty much all day (male patient, age 57)

Using a walker 100% (female patient, age 72)

Overall, feeling so well. Washed hair, and showered (female patient, age 63)

Bedtime, hard to get comfortable (female patient, age 75)

Best part – so far morning very small amount of pain (male patient, age 62)

Best part - walking with a cane (male patient, age 69)

Minor discomfort in thigh kept waking me up all night (male patient, age 69)

Worst part – a lot of pain in the morning (female patient, age 81)

Moved off the couch and into bedroom. Felt that I could manage the bed height at this point. Bed is much more supportive (male patient, age 68)

Best part – getting outside and took a drive to the theater (male patient, age 62)

Worst part – swelling and pain worse than yesterday (male patient, age 69)

Last night my knee felt stiff and achy. In the morning I found a bruise on the knee, this explained how it felt. (female patient, age 63)

Any issues? Lifting leg and sleeping (female patient, age 75)

I have been sleeping in the recliner to elevate my leg. My leg still hurts a bit when I try getting into bed. (male patient, age 65)

Best part – afternoon and post shower time! (male patient, age 69)

Slept in my own bed, have been in the recliner since surgery (male patient, age 59)

I use the cane just as much as walker (just not for walking). I use it to lift leg into bed, to hook walker to bring it closer when getting out of bed to reach blankets to cover legs and feet. (female patient, age 62, left hip)

Having a shower chair was extremely helpful (female patient, age 71)

Drove truck around yard (male patient, age 59, right hip)

Leg lifter is so helpful immediately after surgery and nighttime. Very useful. (female patient, age 64)

Best part – no pain! (male patient, age 62)

100% using a cane (male patient, age 62)

Turn around day. Felt much better. Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel (female patient, age 71)

Still a lot of right knee pain, stiffness in right thigh (male patient, age 66)

Beginning to test the cane (male patient, age 68)

Leg is doing well, I think. I am bored but being good (male patient, age 59)

Worst part – muscle pain in the thigh (female patient, age 61)

Very little swelling (female patient, age 71)

A little more sore upon waking, using cane a bit more (male patient, age 69)

Not much pain, just an ache (female patient, age 81)

Leg is getting stronger everyday (male patient, age 59)

Best part -being more mobile and flexible (male patient, age 62)

Sleeping in recliner. Tried bed but uncomfortable (male patient, age 82)

Best part – Day was fantastic, pain score is 1. (male patient, age 65)

Worst part – taking off my socks and shoes (male patient, age 62)

Much discomfort and ache in the leg (female patient, age 74)

Best night of sleep yet! (female patient, age 75)

Best part -walked to mailbox with no cane (male patient, age 81)

Drove today, sat on the porch, walked around backyard (female patient, age 63)

Sat at dinner table for about 45 minutes. Leg very stiff when I got up. (male patient, age 70)

I actually feel better when I’m standing up (male patient, age 60)

Painful to sit in a straight back chair, even with a cushion (male patient, age 68)

Best part – NO CANE (male patient, age 62/m/h)

Best part – leg feels lighter, more movement (female patient, age 72)

What a great job you and your team is doing (male patient, age 65)

Still can’t sleep in bed, sleeping in recliner (female patient, age 81)

Sleeping on the couch works better for me right now. (female patient, age 75)

I started driving (male patient, age 69, right hip)

Leg movements are much smoother and easier. (female patient, age 72)

Sitting in the car too long, leg stiffens (male patient, age 70)

Bored with the repetition (male patient, age 70)

Any issues? No – life is good. Discomfort is better than pre-op. (male patient, age 69)

Walking as needed and doing errands. Icing in between walks as I feel needed. (male patient, age 59)

My lower leg swells up throughout the day (male patient, age 62)

Drove short distance today with no problem (male patient, age 68, right hip)

Worst part – at times very restless during the day (male patient, age 70)

I think I overworked my hip, I need to ice it (male patient, age 65)

Started driving (female patient, age 71, right hip)

This whole day has been pleasant (male patient, age 65)

No serious swelling of foot or ankle (male patient, age 69)

Consider support groups online, empathizing with others. (male patient, age 69)

Best part – painted my own toenails! (female patient, age 57)

Started working from home (female patient, age 57)

I’m feeling pretty good and getting better every day! (female patient, age 75)

Best nights sleep since surgery, 7.5 hours (male patient, age 70)

For me, Ice is key!! (male patient, age 64)

I’m feeling frustrated because I can’t seem to change to a cane. My healing just seems slow but the PA told me at 2 weeks it’s ok. (female patient, age 74)

Started driving (female patient, age 57, left hip)

How often are you icing? Every couple of hours (female patient, age 74)

I’m feeling much better than before the operation – truly a wonderful feeling! (male patient, age 65)

I feel back to normal. I have a tendency to limp slightly to protect my right hip. It appears to be residual fear since I had pain for so long before surgery (female patient, age 71)

Returned back to work, not strenuous, supervisor (male patient, age 59)

Drove today for about 20 minutes (male patient, age 66, right hip)

Started working from home (female patient, age 56)

Trouble sleeping (female patient, age 74)

100% using a cane (male patient, age 68)

After sitting too long, it hurts until I walk for a while (female patient, age 70)

Started driving today (male patient, age 66, right hip)

Doing well, just can’t walk very far yet (female patient, age 68)

Best part – shower – marked improvement needing walker less, changed to a cane (female patient, age 63)

In only use cane for when leaving the house for balance reasons only, not pain (female patient, age 57)

No longer using a cane or a walker (female patient, age 63)

Some days I just get tired. No excessive swelling and then I just rest (female patient, age 71)

Long periods of standing or walking causes discomfort (female patient, age 71)

Just waiting for the soreness and stiffness to go down (female patient, age 63)

Too much walking outside the home causes discomfort (male patient, age 70)

Energy levels are not quite up to speed. (male patient, age 69)

Each night about 9:30pm my leg is very stiff. I can’t sleep until it calms down (female patient, age 81)

Hip feels great, very stable. Still sore and bruised feeling at incision, nothing major. I can move my leg like I haven’t been able to in 1 ½ years. (female patient, age 57)

I am sleeping much better now that I can sleep on both sides without pain (male patient, age 65)

Still using cane 10% of the day (male patient, age 72)