Self Pay Joint Replacement

Dr. Wickline offers a cash-pay option for joint replacement procedures for patients who will not be filing the procedure to Medicare or private insurance. Dr. Wickline’s cash-pay option for joint replacement allows patients who do not have insurance or are traveling in from other countries to have their joint replacements done by a highly-qualified and caring surgeon.

A key benefit of self-pay hip and knee replacements is that patients may have more options than those using insurance because they are not limited to the facilities, pain management techniques, and rehabilitation plans that the insurance company will approve. Patients who self-pay for their hip or knee replacements will experience the high-quality level of care and innovative techniques that Dr. Wickline is known for. This includes minimally invasive surgical approaches, advanced pain management techniques that reduce or eliminate the need for opioids, and non-aggressive rehabilitation exercises that are easier on the patient than traditional therapy methods. Since 85% of knees and 95% of hips don’t need any formal therapy with Dr. Wickline’s therapy-free protocols, patients can potentially save a significant amount of money.

“My wife and I drove the 4 hours the day before surgery to a hotel close to the hospital. Next day, Dr. Wickline and his crew replaced my worn-out knee. I was up walking that afternoon and returned to the hotel for the night. Next morning, Dr. Wickline visited me before my wife drove me home. A week later I was driving. Fantastic experience. I am so happy I found Dr. Wickline and the staff at Genesee Orthopedic. I love my new knee!” - Sam G. in Pennsylvania

Total Knee

$19,800 APEX Surgery Center

$23,995 St. Elizabeth Medical Center

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Anterior Total Hip

$18,800 APEX Surgery Center

$22,995 St. Elizabeth Medical Center

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Services Included

The quoted cost for these procedures covers the following:

  • Consultation and Followup Visits
    The initial consultation with Dr. Wickline is included, as well as uncomplicated follow-up care (two follow-up visits either in person or via internet conference). You will be asked to pay an initial $200.00 consultation fee, which will be applied to the total cost of the knee or hip replacement procedure if surgery is indicated and you choose to proceed. If the surgery is not indicated or you choose not to proceed with the surgery, this fee will be retained by the surgeon for the consultation.
  • Surgical Site Fees
    Your procedure will be done at either the Apex Surgery Center – Same Day/Outpatient Surgery, Post Anesthesia Unit and Operating Room OR at St. Elizabeth Medical Center (including a one-night hospital stay, if needed). The surgical site is determined in part by the patient’s preference and in part based on the patient’s medical history.
  • Surgeon’s Fees.
  • Anesthesia Fees.
  • Swiftpath Protocol and Dr. Wickline’s “therapy free total knee protocol,”
    Allows 92% of patients to recover without formal physical therapy. These protocols mean less post-op pain, quicker overall return to normal activities, markedly reduced narcotic usage (40% use NO narcotics, 85% use 10 pills or less), and an average patient savings of $720.00 in therapy copays or $3,000.00 of uncovered therapy cost.
  • Two Ice Packs
    To help with post-op swelling and discomfort.
  • Mend Joint Replacement

Knee Replacement
Additional Services Included

  • Knee Replacement Implants
    The fee covers top-of-the-line knee implants.
  • 72 Hour Acting Exparel
  • Adductor canal block with long acting numbing agent.
  • Foam Leg Elevator
    To help control swelling.
  • Iovera
    Pre-operative cryoablation treatment - it is a wide awake no anesthesia procedure which numbs the front of knee helping reduce post-op pain scores 33-50%).  **Considered by most payers to be too expensive**
  • Tourniquet Free Surgery - allowing the patient to recover more quickly and comfortably.

Hip Replacement
Additional Services Included

  • Hip Replacement Implants
    The fee covers top-of-the-line hip implants.
    Table and x-ray fluoroscopy to allow for the most consistent implant placement.
  • Intra-articular Pain Block
    To ease post-op pain.
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“Just before logging off, I noticed someone else had typed, “hip replacement self-pay” in a previous search. I had not thought to search the words "self-pay.” I clicked, and up popped the face of Dr. Andrew Wickline!” - Read Cynthia's story »

Notes and Disclaimers

If you will be using insurance to pay for your joint replacement procedure at one of our facilities, the prices listed on this website do not apply. If you have questions regarding your costs with insurance coverage, please contact our Insurance and Billing department for more details.

Our goal at Genesee Orthopedic Surgery & Plastic Surgery Associates is to make planning for your joint replacement surgery as easy as possible. The following disclaimer is provided to help you make informed decisions regarding our pricing and services, and we recommend that you read it in its entirety before proceeding with a cash pay joint replacement. Please note that the cash prices listed on our website are only valid for patients who will not be filing an insurance claim or those who prefer to pay for their own surgical needs.

The quoted price must be paid in full prior to your joint replacement surgery. We accept payment via cash, bank check, or money order, and credit card; however, please note that a 3-4% transaction fee will be added for credit card payments to cover merchant services from that particular card.

Your joint replacement can either be done at the hospital or at our surgery center as an outpatient procedure. Patients must meet minimum health requirements for the surgery center.

The prices for joint replacement surgery listed on this website DO NOT cover the following:

  • Any diagnostic studies needed prior to surgery, including labs, MRI, X-Rays, specialist consultations to determine medical risk/management, and physical therapy. These studies are necessary to reduce risk at the time of surgery and in the recovery phase, but are not included in the quoted cost.
  • One pre-op physical therapy visit prior to surgery (required).
  • Any additional hardware needed for fractures (including, but not limited to: pins, screws, plates, rods, and external fixation devices). Joint replacement surgery rarely requires extra hardware. If it is needed, we only charge invoice costs to our patients and do not mark up implant costs.
  • Postoperative prescription medications and/or any required assistive devices.
  • Expenses or fees incurred from complications during/following the completion of surgery and discharge from the facility.
  • Travel and lodging (See our Travel Information page for information about nearby hotels).


All patients, whether cash pay or insurance pay, must stop smoking 6 weeks before and 6 weeks after joint replacement surgery, have a BMI <40.0 (BMI calculator), hemoglobin a1c < 7.5 (diabetes test), corrected albumin and blood counts if abnormal before surgery. Please see our Preparing for Surgery page for more details.

If you have any questions regarding our services and prices, please contact our office manager Dan O’Brien by phone at 315-525-4072 or by email at